People Living Near Laguna Seca File Lawsuit Over Noise

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People Living Near Laguna Seca File Lawsuit Over Noise
People Living Near Laguna Seca File Lawsuit Over Noise

Since 1957, Laguna Seca has been a destination for thousands upon thousands of motorsports fans and race teams. But a new lawsuit threatens to shut down the historic racetrack all because some people who moved nearby can’t stand the noise.

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It might sound like something out of a comedy routine or a ridiculous TV show, but this is in fact a serious suit which could have serious consequences. A group of people in Monterey County think not only does the track generate too much noise for their liking, it creates excessive traffic.

The group which filed the lawsuit back on December 12, 2023 is called the Highway 68 Coalition. It not only is suing Monterey County as the owner of the track but also the Monterey County Board of Supervisors and Friends of Laguna Seca, reports SF Gate. It seems they’re hellbent on getting a staple of motorsports culture in the United States shut down permanently.


For racing fans, this is serious. Quite a few tracks have become the victim of economic hardship or the desire of developers to convert increasingly valuable real estate into luxury condos or a high-end shopping center. And this is far from the first time someone has moved near a racetrack to then complain about it being noisy. Just what do they expect? Would they move near an airport and also complain about the noise?

Reportedly, the main thrust of this suit is that residents believe the number of races and special events have gone up “substantially” over the last two years, especially when compared to the usage of the track back in 1974. That’s right, they’re apparently expecting things to go unchanged over a 50 year period.

If you’re like us, you’re probably struggling to understand why this lawsuit has even been filed. A lot of us would kill to live so close to a racing icon. Taking a short drive or even walking to enjoy some races is a dream. Yet these people are complaining to the point of taking legal action in an attempt to ruin everyone’s fun.

Does this sort of thing happen with sports stadiums? Other similar venues? We can’t recall hearing of such things, which is why us gearheads often feel picked on. And this lawsuit sure isn’t helping us feel like that isn’t the case.

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