28 Completely Heinous Stories That Prove "The Ick" Is Real And Wreaking Havoc On The World Of Dating

We all know the feeling of being absolutely smitten over a new crush, and we all, unfortunately, know the feeling when said crush does something to completely ruin the fantasy.

Paris Hilton grossed out
Paris Hilton grossed out

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Recently, we've begun referring to this feeling as getting "the ick," but it's a concept that's been around since the first single-celled organism crushed on the one other single-celled organism.

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So I asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell me their stories about a time their crush went from Hot Stuff™ to totally undatable, and their answers did NOT disappoint.

1."I went out with this guy who was so handsome, politically intelligent and aware, and we had great conversation. We started messing around and I took him up to my room. He was incredible at everything. He picked me up, turned me around, bent me over, but then he MEOWED. I was just so shocked I didn’t even know what to do."


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2."They cropped my best friend from a group picture because my friend didn't match their instagram aesthetic."


3."A fully grown, adult man refused to eat vegetables, 'except shrimp sometimes.' When I pointed out shrimp isn’t a vegetable, he said he didn’t care about what they were, he 'considered them to be vegetables.'

He would pick through meals and separate out any vegetables he could find in his food and if he didn’t have a side plate, he’d put them on the bare table. The final straw was when he spent 20 minutes picking finely chopped onions out of a piece of meatloaf — at that point, just don’t eat it."



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4."We were out on a date and he spit his gum into a cloth napkin."


5."On our third date he pronounced Valentine’s as 'Valen-times.' Attraction immediately gone."


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6."In college I brought the guy I was dating home to stay with my family during Christmas. One night while we were having drinks and playing a board game, he and my dad made the same joke and laughed the same way.

That was it. I didn't want to kiss him after that. I took him to the airport at the end of the trip and broke up with him about four days later when I got back to school."


7."He was mad that the new Little Mermaid has a Black lead."


8."I was a high school freshman and he was a sophomore. I thought he was sooo cool, calm, and collected. A brooding type but also on the water polo team, so a typical attractive jock.

But one time during P.E. class I saw him play dodgeball. He kept trying to dodge all the balls Matrix style, dramatically bending backward while still trying to keep a cool brooding face… The secondhand embarrassment was strong. I remember telling my nearby friends ‘I think I changed my mind about him.’ 😆"


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9."He used to play off memes he saw online as his own jokes/thoughts. Major cringe."


10."He said he didn't believe in evolution, because 'DNA doesn't work that way.' He also believed that an animal called a 'Bunkey' exists, which is a bunny crossed with a monkey. He even showed me pictures that only exist on very sketchy sites. He was smoking hot, but he seemed so unattractive after I found out what's going on in his head. 😬"


11."I was 25 and had a major crush on a guy who was 15–20 years my senior and worked in a different department in my work's building. He finally asked me out and we went on one date, which was going OK until we swung by his apartment.

He had an enlarged, almost poster-size photo on his wall of him standing with some buddies. They were all totally naked except for socks on their... you know. Crush totally vanished after that. Just... WTF?"


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12."He told me 'trans people are not real.' I blocked his number and never saw him again."


13."He used a public porta-potty and didn’t wash his hands. I watched him walk right by the sinks outside and he didn’t stop to use them. Nope! All I could think was how much I did not want those hands touching me and my crush on him evaporated."


14."I thought things were going well but after our date he sent me a message saying he needs a cash advance to pay his employees and would pay me back."


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15."This guy I really liked in high school sent me a recording of a song he'd 'written.' He always told little white lies to make himself seem cooler and at the time I gave it a pass, but when he sent the song I Googled the lyrics and it was a song by a famous band!

I told him I thought he sent the wrong link, and he laughed it off and was like, 'I'll send you the actual song soon," and never did. I just stopped answering him."


16."I was on a date with a guy I had liked for YEARS. We had such a good night, and then when he was walking me home he did a snot rocket, coughed up some phlegm, and spat on the ground. We had literally just left a pub where he could have used the toilet to do that, but no. 🤢"


17."On our first coffee date, he told me this story about how he encountered a person with a sign asking for money and 'probably changed her life' with his speech about hard work. He added that she was Indian, 'the feather kind not the dot kind.' The amount of nope happening was hard to take.

I turned him down on the walk to our cars, which (I know you all guessed it) really pissed him off, and he revealed that his brother who was a cop had done an illegal search on me so he knew where I lived and who I lived with, down to my kid's birthday."


18."He cried (a lot) because I'm an atheist and he liked me, and didn't want me to go to hell. I'm all for a man expressing his emotions, but... nope."


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19."I was casually sleeping with a guy who was a super cute, kind, generous, and caring person. Then one afternoon I watched him eat a chili dog, and the attraction instantly vanished. He got it all over his face and hands and my brain said, 'Oh, absolutely not.' It wasn't fair to him at all, but there you have it."


20."There was guy I had a major crush on a year ago, but I saw him vaping and that was it for me! Weed or a cigarette would be one thing, but vaping just screams douche IMO. 🙅🏻‍♀️"


21."I was so happy when I discovered my crush felt the same way I did, and he took me on a date, offering to pay for dinner. As we were leaving, I saw that he forgot to tip the server (great service by the way), so I took out money from my wallet and he casually said he purposely doesn't ever leave tip because, 'That's their job.' I was turned off immediately and said BOY BYE."


22."I was 'talking' to a guy and after a few months he told me that he doesn’t think women should be allowed to breastfeed in public. I made my mind up that day and stopped talking to him."


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23."I was dating this guy for about a year and a half. It was 2021 and he refused to get COVID tested to celebrate my birthday with me (my father is a transplant recipient and therefore immunocompromised). He also told me he felt like he had to 'compete with my dog for my attention.'"


24."One time she was at my house cooking a meal when she started farting and she thought it was cute. We had been dating less than a month."


25."I brought a guy I was REALLY interested in on a date to an Italian restaurant that was named 'best Italian restaurant in the country' by a food magazine three separate times in its history. He ordered spaghetti and meatballs off the children’s menu. I never saw him again."


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26."A guy I liked told me he didn’t like taking public transportation because there were too many working-class people on it. Instant nope."


27."I was in college and there was one guy I had a huge crush on. But one night when he was sitting next to me, I looked over and his ear was filled with earwax. It completely grossed me out and after that moment I felt nothing."


28.And finally, "One guy sent me a video of his penis as he was getting out of the shower. I was shocked! For one, I’m not one who enjoys male anatomy pics. They do nothing for me. Secondly, I was afraid for my life. He was slanging!!!! I mean, slanging, slanging, SLANGING!!!

Immediately I was like, if anything ever popped off, WTF can I do with that? He would literally break me in half. If we ever got together, it would be ''til death do us part' because NO ONE is coming after him. We’re still cool though, but yeah… it was a no go."


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Thank you again to everyone who submitted their stories! If you have a story of your own please share it in the comments!

Note: submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.