"I Always Swore It Was Something I Would Never Do": People Are Getting Very Honest About Things They Never Thought They Would Do As Adults, But Ended Up Doing Anyway

It's funny how when we're kids, we make naive decisions about how life will be as adults — not knowing what's actually in store for us. I remember when I was younger, I said I would never be someone who goes wild for flowers and plants — yet here I am talking to and caring for the greenery in my home.

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I came across this thread where redditor u/1234kyou_ asked: "What did you swear in your childhood you would never do, but ended up doing anyways?" and the responses were super relatable, AND they made me feel less alone. Here are some of them.

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1."Birdwatching. I used to think it was the worst way someone could spend their time when I was a kid. How could anyone just sit around and look at birds? 20 years later and I'm obsessed with birds. Love hearing their songs and seeing all the beautiful colors."

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2."Give up drawing. I actually broke my own heart when I recently found a school project we did back when I was a kid. We had to write a letter for our future selves, and mine starts with: 'Hey, did you become an artist already? I really hope you did not become a boring adult with a boring job who gave up on his dreams and passions.' Well, sorry little me, but I kinda did."


3."Smoking. I quit after 20 years. I've been smoke-free for four months now."

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4."Tell my kid, 'Because I said so.'"


5."Get married. I was going to be the perpetual bachelor. Married for over 30 years with six kids — wouldn’t change a thing."


6."Napping on purpose."

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7."Work in a sterile office building. The cringe I felt, and now I put up with it."


8."Stop talking to my friends. There used to be six of us; now it's just me."


9."I said I'd never attend college in my home state. I wanted to get the hell out of here but ended up at the University of Iowa anyway because of in-state tuition."

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10."I got a dog, and I put clothes on her. I always said I would never do either thing. She’s really small, and we live in a cold place, so she has to wear a coat when we go outside. My sister had a chihuahua who would bring you her clothes and beg for you to help her put them on!"


11."Move back in with a parent. Done it twice now."


12."Be single. I thought that, by the age I am now, I’d be settled down with the man of my dreams and have a couple of grown-up kids. But here I am, not even dating, never had children, living the corporate life in a big city. Weird."

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13."I used to think it was silly that people cared about their lawn so much. I am now obsessed with manicuring my lawn in the summer months."


14."Become a nurse. My mother was a nurse. Both of my grandmothers as well. I always swore as I grew up, listening to mom’s gross stories, it was something I would never do. Had a different career in my early 20s only to become a nurse by 30."


Is there anything in your childhood you swore you would never do, but ended up doing anyways? If so, tell me in the comments below!