People are spotting Tesla's Cybertruck in the wild and it looks insane next to regular cars

People are spotting Tesla's Cybertruck in the wild and it looks insane next to regular cars
  • The Tesla Cybertruck is showing up on the road ahead of launch.

  • Sightings are increasing excitement for the release of Tesla's first pickup truck.

  • Cybertruck is the first Tesla to suffer from comparisons.

Tesla's Cybertruck is hard to miss on the open road.

As the Cybertruck finally gets closer to launching, some drivers have started spotting early production models in the wild. The futuristic design and sheer size are pretty hard to miss, and order holders are buzzing as they wait for delivery dates to hit their inboxes.

While some order-holders are excited by the sightings, others have expressed disappointment in some features like the "frunk" – a common extra storage space in EVs where the motor would normally be in a gas-powered car.


Earlier this month, a camouflaged Tesla Cybertruck was spotted in front of Rivian, giving the first inclination of the size difference between the two startups' trucks. The Rivian appears to be longer than the Cybertruck in the photo shared by @klwtts on X, the social media website formerly known as Twitter.

Official measurements released by both companies have the Cybertruck eking out the Rivian in length, so it could just be the angle of the photo.

The photo of the Cybertruck and Rivian next to each other stoked more debate about the size of the Cybertruck's frunk, which is leaving some order-holders wanting more.

Excitement for the Cybertruck is high

These early sightings in the wild are common ahead of a Tesla launch and usually help to stoke excitement. The Cybertruck is no exception, given the long wait time for the vehicle and the fact that it is Tesla's first pickup truck.

Leaks from the factory and other events have also made the rounds in recent months, leaving Cybertruck fans to zoom in and pick apart every new visual they get of the vehicle. Several order-holders who reached out to Insider have said that the leaks and spottings have only increased their excitement after waiting years for the truck to hit production.

What's different this time around is that Cybertruck will have to suffer from some comparisons, like the Tesla truck's frunk next to that of the F-150 Lighting or Rivian R1T. Still, analysts and industry experts say the Cybetruck has enough juice to completely disrupt the pickup truck market if the launch goes well.

Here are more photos the Cybertruck being transported:

And driving on the highway:

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