Pharrell Williams Can’t Park His Cybertruck

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Pharrell Williams Can’t Park His Cybertruck
Pharrell Williams Can’t Park His Cybertruck

While many have mocked the Tesla Cybertruck for a number of reasons, learning that musician and producer Pharrell Williams was unable to parallel park his recently is even more hilarious. On social media, quite a few people have said the celebrity can’t do “Pharrellel parking” well at all.

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The celebrity struggled to park the all-electric pickup truck recently in front of a Louis Vuitton store in Miami, with Instagram user Roxana Gonzalez sharing the photos to prove it all. She says Williams struggled to parallel park the Tesla for a good 10 minutes, almost crunching another car in the process, until finally surrendering to professional help, letting a valet park it instead.


While a lot of people are getting a good chuckle out of this situation, we have two thoughts on it. One is that it shows how incompetent many people are when it comes to parallel parking. We understand the maneuver to get into a spot is a little counterintuitive but it’s amazing to watch a street parking area and see how many people try pulling in nose-first.

Second, this illustrates a problem we expect to see play out over and over as the Cybertruck is delivered to more customers. Many of the people buying the Tesla pickup are used to driving far smaller, shorter vehicles. While the Cybertruck isn’t as large as some full-size production trucks, it’s much larger than a Model 3 or whatever else these people are used to handling.

When people don’t understand the dimensions of their vehicle, accidents are almost inevitable. And when a bunch of owners who live in and frequent urban areas start rolling around in Cybertrucks, we expect for there to be many accidents. Considering we’ve heard some complain that the stainless steel panels are at some bends sharp, these Cybertrucks might do some serious damage in tight spots.

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