Phoenix Couple Find Rattlesnake In Their Backseat

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Phoenix Couple Find Rattlesnake In Their Backseat
Phoenix Couple Find Rattlesnake In Their Backseat

A couple in Phoenix, Arizona found a live rattlesnake curled up on their car’s backseat recently. That’s shocking, but even more disturbing is that they believe it has been living in their car for a couple of weeks.

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The startled couple told 12 News they called 911 for help but were told since nobody was in imminent danger first responders couldn’t help. Not realizing there are a number of snake removal services in the city, the boyfriend used a long stick to fling the reptile out of the car.

Not everyone is going to be comfortable with removing a rattlesnake from their vehicle, home, or anywhere. But what’s really haunting the couple and a lot of people who saw this story is how the snake got into the car in the first place.


The woman admitted in the news interview that she and her boyfriend got a “real comfortable in that car.” We wonder if that means they had a bunch of junk sitting in the backseat, as the footage she gave to the news shows some bags and maybe clothing piled up back there.

Snakes many times get into places looking for food, so maybe they had rodents also in the car? We’ve seen it before, including mice chewing on wiring insulation made of vegetable extracts. Or perhaps the snake was cold and decided the vehicle was a warm, safe place? They can squeeze through tight areas, like rodents, although we don’t see many stories like this one.

What we really want to know but never get an explanation for is why the couple though the snake had been in the car for two weeks before they discovered it. Had they not cleaned out their car or had anyone sit back there for that long? That’s about the only reason we can think of for why they would suspect that, but it’s never made clear.

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