Phoenix Woman Killed In Street Race Crash

Phoenix Woman Killed In Street Race Crash
Phoenix Woman Killed In Street Race Crash

This is completely senseless.

A 19-year-old Phoenix woman is dead after a street race between two cars ended in a violent collision on the night of August 19. According to multiple reports, police say the woman was partially ejected from the vehicle she was riding in.

See the hole an engine that flew out of a car made in the side of a house here.

Witnesses told police they saw the two cars racing on Southern Avenue near 39th at about 9:30 pm. Reportedly, the vehicles were traveling at about 80 mph when they struck each other. One of the cars then veered into a power pole, causing an electrical outage for thousands of Phoenix residents during the time of the year when nobody wants to go without AC.


Not only did the 19-year-old die in the crash, another man sustained life-threatening injuries and is being treated in the hospital. He and another had to be extricated from one of the cars, although it’s not clear if it was the same vehicle the woman was riding inside. Two other people were also transported to the hospital for treatment.

Any type of racing is inherently dangerous simply because you’re pushing the envelope. This is why tracks have all kinds of safety measures, requirements for cars, and even sometimes training requirements for drivers. But when it comes to street racing, the most inexperienced people can participate while the consequences can be severe. This is why we don’t encourage anyone to race on public roads – there are just far too many risks involved.

Too many people think street racing is a great way to get some cheap thrills. They don’t understand that their car, driving skills, and the road conditions aren’t ideal for that kind of envelope-pushing activity. We’ll continue covering stories like this but understand some drivers’ egos are so big they think something like this will never happen to them.