Pierre Gasly Will Stay With AlphaTauri Next Season

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Photo credit: Peter Fox - Getty Images
Photo credit: Peter Fox - Getty Images

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Since the day he returned from an ill-fated stint at the Red Bull Racing senior team, Pierre Gasly has been excellent for the team now known as AlphaTauri. He's won a race, of course, but he's also become a consistent middle-of-the-points performer at a team that has few substantial ambitions of its own. When Red Bull extended Sergio Perez in their second senior car last year, a lack of real opportunity to advance up the grid within the Red Bull system led some to hope that the organization could get creative with Gasly's contract in his last signed year with the team and help him race elsewhere. Now, AlphaTauri team boss Franz Tost says this will not happen.

That means another year at AlphaTauri for one of the stars of Formula 1's mid-pack. As Max Verstappen is the face of the brand going forward and Sergio Perez is now signed with Red Bull for the next two years rather than just one, no amount of starring performances over the last 18 months of his contract could lead Gasly back to the brand's top team any time soon. Since Red Bull owns that top team and AlphaTauri, the former junior team's ambitions will remain decidedly focused on the mid-pack for the foreseeable future.

Gasly could be a promising free agent at the end of the 2023 season, particularly if Michael Andretti's proposal for a new team is accepted. Until then, he has another year leading AlphaTauri to look forward to.

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