Pirelli Finally Has New Tires for Your Ferrari Enzo

ferrari enzo, f40, and f50 with new pirelli tires
Pirelli Has New Tires for Your Ferrari EnzoPirelli

Believe it or not, Ferrari Enzo production wrapped up 20 years ago. That makes the flagship Ferrari of the 2000s a properly old car, and as with so many other low-production old cars, that means finding tires for it can be a challenge. Your local tire shop probably is not ready with a set of new shoes in 245/35 R19 front and 345/35 R19 rear stagger, but Pirelli has a vintage-look solution that will actually make your ultra-rare Ferrari a more effective performance car.

On Tuesday, Pirelli announced a new P Zero Corsa System designed specifically for the Enzo. As part of its specialized Colezzione range, the tires are made to look identical to the original offering that came with the cars while adding in modern advancements. Pirelli says that the new tire was tested by Ferrari test drivers to confirm "the same sporty character of the time" while improving the safety and reliability of the tire.

The P Zero Corsa System option is also available for the F50, which uses a relatively conservative 245/35 R18 to 335/30 R18 stagger. A special P Zero for the F40 is also available, meaning that Pirelli is offering a specialized tire for all three of Ferrari's pre-hybrid flagships. Ferrari says that the predecessor to those cars, the 288 GTO that the brand is careful to call only by its official name GTO, is also getting a Pirelli Cinturato P7 variant that is currently under development.


If you own an Enzo, the new tires represent as good a time as any to get fresh rubber on your seven-figure supercar. Not only are low-use tires subject to dry rot, the new Pirelli options should provide an improvement over the tires that originally came with the car.

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