Plane door falls from sky near shopping center. ‘My family thought I was seeing things’

Nancy Hughes via Unsplash

An airplane door plummeted from the sky near a Nevada shopping center, news outlets reported.

The single-engine Textron T240 plane had left the Henderson Executive Airport around 7:40 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 18., in Henderson, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

Then a person saw an object falling from the sky, WITI reported.

“I stopped the car and exclaimed, ‘Oh my god! I think a door just fell from that plane!’” Christopher Wolverton, 40, told the news outlet. “My family thought I was seeing things.”

The baggage compartment door had fallen from the aircraft when it was leaving the airport, the FAA said.

It landed near a shopping center that has a Hobby Lobby and Costco, KTNV reported.

No one was injured by the door, federal officials said.

One person was in the aircraft, and they were able to return to the airport safely, the FAA said.

Henderson is about 15 miles southeast of Las Vegas.

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