Playboi Carti Arrest Footage Has Been Released

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Playboi Carti Arrest Footage Has Been Released
Playboi Carti Arrest Footage Has Been Released

American rapper and singer-songwriter Playboi Carti is no stranger to controversy or the law. But it was only recently revealed to the media that the musician was arrested not once but twice in 2022 with bodycam footage of the previously unknown arrest released to the public.

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That footage shows an officer arresting Playboi Carti for allegedly going 133 mph in a 55 mph zone. When the cop asks why the rapper is going so fast, he replies, “I’m rushing because I had an emergency.” He later elaborates that the emergency is related to his family somehow, but the officer doesn’t seem the least bit amused.


There are several surprising things in the footage, which is just over 50 minutes long. For starters, Carti isn’t in some super flashy vehicle despite being a rich rap star. Instead, he’s driving a newer Jeep Grand Cherokee. Sure, it’s not a hooptie but it’s also not a Range Rover or G-Wagon.

Then there’s the fact that overall Playboi Carti is respectful to the officer. He tries to make his case for why he was speeding so egregiously, but he doesn’t push that too far. He also doesn’t try asking the cop if he knows who he’s talking to, like being a celebrity gives him special privileges.

Not surprisingly, police seem to be more measured with him even during and after the arrest. While we know there are bad cops who will misbehave no matter what you do, this goes to show most will stay calm as long as you’re compliant and not combative.

Before the release of this incident, Playboi Carti was only knowingly arrested once in 2022 after getting in a physical fight of some sort with his pregnant girlfriend. While she claims he choked her and threw her into some bushes, the rapper’s attorney has vehemently denied the accusations as false. He said the Fulton County District Attorney’s office will be dismissing the case.

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