Pleas for Robert Kraft to 'do something' about Bill Belichick ignore that he already has

Curran: Pleas for Kraft to 'DO SOMETHING' about Belichick ignore that he already has originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

I went to Silver Lake Regional High School in the 80s. Two campuses. About 1,600 kids. And thanks to budget cuts, not nearly enough teachers.

In 1981, sixth-period study hall at the Pembroke campus was like Lord of the Flies. 300 kids. Six teachers. One cafeteria.

People smoked weed. People smoked butts. And there were loads of fights, most of which probably could have been avoided if not for two words that cut through the smoke and noise.



Forty-odd years later, I’m seeing sixth-period study playing out all over again.

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Only now it’s 80-something Robert Kraft and 70-something Bill Belichick squared off. And the crowd that’s yelling “Hit emmm!!!” is the media.

Listen to either radio station from 2 to 6. Bob’s just bluster. What a disappointment. Thought he had some balls.

This was Chris Gasper in The Boston Globe on Friday.

“Kraft has mastered the art of performative outrage over his team’s underperformance. While his disappointment is genuine, there have been no real repercussions. Even after last year’s Matt Patricia-as-offensive-play-caller, dumpster-fire decision, Belichick is still granted a wide berth to run the organization in the same manner he has since 2000. There’s scant evidence that Kraft has placed any guardrails to prevent Belichick from going off-track with another hare-brained decision.”

What are you gonna do about it BOB?!?! No repercussions at all, I guess.

I’m sorry, what? How many times does Kraft have to publicly rap Belichick on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper to make the point?

Two months into the offseason and Belichick has twice clarified statements that ran counter to Kraft’s messaging of urgency and the appearance of free spending.

Kraft pulled the plug on Bill’s nebulous “Mystery Coordinator” operation by saying the team was hiring an offensive coordinator. When it was Bill O’Brien, Kraft made it clear that’s who he wanted all along. Meanwhile, Kraft’s made it clear that Bill’s likely successor, Jerod Mayo, knew exactly how valued he is by the organization.

In the past few years, Kraft’s pointed out bad drafting, misspent money in free agency, Mac Jones being set up to fail, Matt Patricia getting put in a bad spot and made it clear that the decision on Tom Brady was Bill’s, not his.

If you think Kraft’s sitting on his hands, you’re either oblivious or disingenuous. The chest-bumping has begun.

Now, you don’t really expect Kraft to drop an ultimatum on Belichick, do you? How do you think that would go over? And why would you think that’s a good idea?

The guy is 71, he took the franchise to nine Super Bowls and won six. He’s the greatest coach in American sports history.

Kraft deserves all credit for hiring Belichick in 2000 when he was a pariah. He deserves credit for staying out of Bill’s way and keeping Brady and Belichick together for the past decade.

There’s no need for the neutering people are pleading for. What do you want, Bill walking the parade route like Cersei Lannister while Kraft rings a bell and chants “SHAME?”

Or do you want Kraft to demand Bill sign Lamar Jackson? Or DeAndre Hopkins? Or what?

Gasper concluded his column saying, “It’s time to enact some substantive change in how business is conducted in Fort Foxborough, not perfunctory change like merely hiring a qualified offensive coordinator.

“If Kraft wants his team’s results to change, then he must make real changes.”

I’m sorry, what? What does that even mean?

Chris doesn’t know. Felger doesn’t know. Nobody knows. They just wanna see a fight.

Hit 'em.