Please, Do Not Drive Your Boxster With a Bumper Cover in the Trunk

Photo credit: Surrey Roads Policing Unit / Twitter
Photo credit: Surrey Roads Policing Unit / Twitter

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What would you do if you crashed your Porsche Boxster on a major motorway? Most would wait for a tow to a qualified shop, but one enterprising British motorist realized that the car was running and decided to drive back home. The bumper had broken off entirely, sure, but it was nothing that couldn't be fixed by simply throwing the entire rear bumper cover into the car's small rear-mounted trunk.

While the solution may seem ingenious, it is apparently not the most legal way to transport a very broken car. The motorist was pulled over by Surrey police, who claim the driver shared that he had crashed the car and continued on anyway.

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The driver was reported for "driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition," likely due to the massive rear bumper cover hanging from the trunk and well past the original length of the car. Unsurprisingly, the still-running Boxster was also declared unsafe for use on a public road.

While this is not exactly a recommended use for a Boxster, it does show an impressive level of utility. A driver that has not recently crashed their car can use this as evidence that the Boxster may be a slightly more practical choice than they may have considered. If it can haul a whole bumper cover, maybe the Boxster has a future as a custom truck in the pattern of the few 914 truck conversions floating around the world? Surely, the next Boxster with a truck bed will be the first ever made.

Via Sky News.

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