Plymouth ‘Burgercuda’ Is a Wacky Rolling Ad, Straight from McDonaldland

the 1970 plymouth burgercuda
The Plymouth ‘Burgercuda’ Is a Wacky Rolling AdMcDonald’s
  • As part of the Hamburglar Watch Sweepstakes, McDonald's commissioned a custom 1970 Plymouth Barracuda.

  • This E-Body Barracuda features special “Burgercuda” scripts, a Rabble shaker hood, and a spare tire disguised as a massive cheeseburger.

  • This Plymouth Burgercuda is driven by the infamous Hamburgler, a known burger thief from McDonaldland.

Let’s face it, a lot of the time corporations have a custom car, truck, or motorcycle built to represent their brand, and oftentimes it’s either too on the nose, or not interesting enough.

Rarely is there a collaboration that’s genuinely interesting, painstakingly detailed, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Take, for instance, the fast-food Goliath McDonald’s and its reimagined 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. Meet the Burgercuda.


This custom Plymouth is designed to help promote the Hamburgler Watch Sweepstakes. For those unfamiliar with the infamous Hamburgler, he’s the resident thief in McDonaldland. Even though he lives a life of crime, he is friends with the rest of the cast of characters, though Mayor McCheese probably isn’t his biggest fan.

It’s common knowledge that every good thief needs a slick getaway car, and this ’70 Barracuda perfectly fits the bill. Littered with McDonald’s and Hamburgler Easter Eggs, this is a custom car worthy of some attention—from the custom Burgercuda script work to the American cheese shifter and the hamburger-warming center console.

Add to that the car’s signature “Robble Robble” script on the shaker hood and the license plate, and you have what might be the best-looking car in the McDonald’s universe.

This Sean Smith Designs creation is not just to promote illicitly acquired hamburgers, but it’s to help promote the Hamburglar Watch Sweepstakes. Scanning the QR code on Burgercuda’s hockey stick graphic will take you to a website that lets you buy Hamburgler merchandise and enters you in a chance to win a McDonald’s Arch card.

Of course, for the unfortunate souls who miss this Burgercuda, you can enter to win a hamburger through the website, here.

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