Polestar opens a design studio near its Swedish headquarters

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Polestar has opened a new design studio a stone's throw from its global headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. Located in a recently-renovated building, the design center is responsible for creating the cars that the company will add to its range in the coming years.

Up to 120 design team members will work in the new studio under the direction of Maximilian Missoni, Polestar's head of design. Their task is fairly straight-forward: They need to develop, fine-tune, and implement the company's next design language. While we don't know exactly what the next Polestar models will look like, we're told that they'll draw inspiration from the Precept concept (shown below) unveiled in 2021 and headed to production in 2024 as the 5. Its influence has already permeated the Polestar range: the 3 borrows some styling cues from the design study.


"In today's age of advanced product design, it's quite easy to display emotions like aggression and sportiness in a car. But try conveying intelligence in design — it's not so easy. This is something we have spent a lot of time considering," Missoni explained.

The building that the new design studio is located in was built in 1984 and designed by architects Romaldo Giurgola and Owe Svärd. It was renovated before Polestar moved in, but the firm notes that it went to great lengths to preserve its unique architectural character. We'll see the first three cars designed there in the next three years, and Polestar has big plans for its future: in addition to the aforementioned 5, the company is planning to release a second, smaller crossover called 4 and the production version of the O2 concept, which will be named 6.

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