Police in Canada Recover $3 Million Worth of Classic Cars

stolen cars recovered
Canadian Police Recover $3M Worth of Stolen CarsOntario Provincial Police

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have arrested two individuals who have been accused of stealing over a dozen classic cars worth over $3 million. The police first launched the investigation in late 2023 after receiving a complaint of stolen vehicles.

According to a report from Global News, Robert Bradshaw, 54, and Gary Leblanc, 55, both of Stirling, Ontario were arrested in connection with the crimes. They were charged with theft of motor vehicles over $5000, fraud over $5000, using forged documents and conspiracy to commit an indictable offense. Leblanc picked up an additional charge of uttering threats.

The large-scale investigation involved a number of divisions within OPP including the OPP Fleet, Supply and Weapons Services Bureau, Central Hastings OPP Crime Unit and Emergency Response Team. They also received assistance from the OPP-led Provincial Auto Theft and Towing (PATT) Team and the OPP-led Provincial Asset Forfeiture Unit (PAFU).

stolen cars recovered
Ontario Provincial Police

Judging by the photos of the recovered vehicles, it seems that the men have a penchant for American iron. We can see several first-generation Corvettes, a Ford F-1 pickup truck, Ford Coupes, Roadsters and others. Hopefully, these classic machines were not damaged and will soon be back in the hands of the rightful owners.

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