Police Car Is No Match For Dodge Hellcat

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Police Car Is No Match For Dodge Hellcat
Police Car Is No Match For Dodge Hellcat

We don’t advocate running from the cops. Not only is it illegal, doing so can get you into a heap of trouble as you’ll likely rack up a few felonies and such in the process. But if you are going to give police a chase, the best thing you can do is have a car which is way faster than theirs. That was exactly the situation when a guy in a Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody took off on Little Rock police in Arkansas recently.

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The incident in question went down on November 23 just after 5:30 in the morning. At a time when most people are still trying to catch those last few moments of sleep before getting ready for work, a guy in his Mopar muscle car caught the attention of an officer.


One might think it’s odd that the cop focused on the Charger Hellcat and not on the Dodge Challenger which was directly behind it, then pulled into the lane next to it. However, the story is the lead car was reported stolen. Either the officer recognized the vehicle or was running a plate reader and got a hit. Realizing he’s dealing with a slam dunk case, he calls it in while sitting at a red light, then maneuvers to go in for the kill.

The only thing is he brought a police cruiser to a bonafide muscle car fight. It’s also obvious from the get-go the suspect is an experienced driver with ice in his veins. Most people panic when a cop car is anywhere near them on the road. They slow down, signal extra long before making lane changes, and crawl to a stop at intersections so there’s no reason to pull them over.

This guy knows he’s in a stolen Dodge Hellcat and the police officer has realized that. He doesn’t signal, turning left suddenly from the middle lane, then blasts down a frontage road, giving the cop a nice tour of Gapsville, population: him. The chase was over before it even began as the Charger’s taillights dissapear into the darkness of the early morning. Still, the officer keeps pursuing at 110 mph, but the suspect obviously was going much faster. Check out the video for yourself, but all the action is in the first 30 seconds or so.

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