Police Charger Mounts Fleeing Chevy Silverado

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Police Charger Mounts Fleeing Chevy Silverado  
Police Charger Mounts Fleeing Chevy Silverado

Arkansas is a crazy state, at least when it comes to police chases. We’ve seen Arkansas State Police do some truly epic takedowns, but this one just might take the cake with a Dodge Charger Pursuit mounting a suspect’s fleeing Chevy Silverado in a true show of sheer dominance.

Watch an Arkansas trooper take a fleeing motorist to church.

For this video, the camera car is a new trooper getting trained and that just adds to the hilarious nature of the chase. She pulls over to deploy Stop Sticks, then realizes through council from her trainer that she’s not only chosen a bad spot without cover for that maneuver but also that the suspect’s vehicle has almost arrived.


That’s when she pulls out into the road behind the fleeing suspect’s truck, which is going the other way, and does a multi-point U-turn, slowing down all the other chase vehicles. Thankfully the suspect is going nice and slow so that ultimately doesn’t present a problem.

From there she gingerly tries to PIT out the pickup and it doesn’t work so well. It’s obvious our trooper in training is incredibly nervous and honestly who can blame her? It’s one thing to watch pursuit videos and something else entirely to be pursuing a fleeing suspect.

That PIT attempt seems to have spurred the suspect to higher speeds as he keeps braking checking and swerving around to keep our trooper from trying again. He’s so busy watching his rearview mirror that this suspect doesn’t see when another trooper throws out spikes, which looks to be successful and slows down the pursuit considerably.

Our camera car falls back to a secondary position as a Tahoe takes up primary. Then another Charger comes along and goes in for the final takedown. It’s during that PIT attempt that the Mopar climbs up the rear of the Silverado, shredding its fender. Then the Tahoe does a PIT, spinning the truck out and the Charger does a second PIT, spinning it more. That makes for one of the wilder police TVIs we’ve seen in some time and it’s not surprising it went down in Arkansas.

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