Police Chase Comes To An Electrifying Conclusion

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Police Chase Comes To An Electrifying Conclusion
Police Chase Comes To An Electrifying Conclusion

Police chases can be intense, but the stakes are even higher when cops are chasing an armed suspect who’s already engaged in violence toward the public. That’s what precedes this chase involving Michigan State Police and a suspect in a GMC Acadia.

Somehow a suspect wasn’t hurt after his car flipped six times and he was thrown from the wreckage.

If you’re thinking this glorified soccer mom SUV isn’t a great getaway vehicle, well you’re right. For some reason the guy in it thought it was good enough before he robbed another guy at gunpoint, even going so far as to fire off a round in the air to show he meant business.


That smooth move really must MSP troopers on edge, which is understandable. But they didn’t really have to fear because this suspect took himself out. Unfortunately, he took out an MSP unit as well.

As the chase winds its way through Buena Vista Township, as you can see in the dashcam footage, the suspect seems to think his grocery getter getaway car can do anything on imperfect road surfaces.

If you’re a particularly observant person, you’ll notice when you go through some intersections the road is crowned or sloped on both sides. Usually it’s not a big deal, but when this guy blasts through red lights without slowing, going well above the speed limit, he finds out real fast that GMC isn’t so good at flying and is even worse at sticking landings.

That’s where things go sideways, literally, the Acadia strafing left after going airborne, crashing into an MSP cruiser and then a power pole. It’s an electrifying conclusion which comes with a messy aftermath as live wires sit on top of both vehicles.

Making everything even more complicated are the many people who swarm the area. While the first woman to rush up says she’s a registered nurse and asks if she can help, others are just there to gawk. It’s like people don’t understand the danger of live wires.

Image via Great Lakes Chases/YouTube

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