Police Chase Ends In Pacific Ocean

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Police Chase Ends In Pacific Ocean
Police Chase Ends In Pacific Ocean

A female suspect in a BMW led Los Angelese police on a chase at speeds over 100 mph before driving into the Pacific Ocean. People can’t believe someone would do such a thing during a pursuit, but we sadly have seen too many crazy things to be all that shocked.

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The Bimmer has plates from New Mexico, which is a landlocked state, so we’re thinking the suspect didn’t realize driving into the ocean wouldn’t work or something like that. Or perhaps when she started driving on the beach, she simply thought she was back in the desert.


It all unfolded on Venice Beach the night of March 16, as covered by KCAL News. Somehow, despite the area usually being packed with Saturday night revelers, the suspect didn’t end up hitting any pedestrians. That’s more amazing than her driving into the ocean.

Witnesses say it was chaos as some people ran toward the floating crossover and others ran away in terror. After going into the water, the woman swam out of the BMW and started going away from the shore, we guess in an attempt to get away. She sure seemed determined.

However, the sheriff’s department got a boat to the area and they were able to fish the suspect out of the drink. Authorities hadn’t provided the name of the suspect, so we have no idea who she is or why she was running from police in the first place.

Two dogs were rescued from the luxury crossover and turned over to animal control. We have no idea if those are the woman’s animals or not, but we’ve covered plenty of dog theft cases that have turned into police chases, so you never know.

Image via KCAL News/YouTube

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