Police Chase Speeding Driver And Her Dogs Into The Pacific, Animals Unharmed

You can’t park there! - Screenshot: TNLA via YouTube
You can’t park there! - Screenshot: TNLA via YouTube

Let me start by saying that no dogs were harmed in this story. Now that’s out the way, police in California were caught up in a high speed chase that resulted in a silver BMW X3 crashing into the Pacific Ocean with its driver and two dogs inside. The driver swam for several hundred feet before being apprehended, and the dogs were rescued from the car by officers.

A 39-year-old woman was caught speeding by California Highway Patrol late on Saturday night, according to reports from NBC News. The driver attempted to evade pursuing officers by driving onto Venice Beach and into the Pacific. As NBC explains:

California Highway Patrol officers were in pursuit of a silver BMW that was wanted for speeding late Saturday in Los Angeles.

“The pursuit entered the West Los Angeles Area at speeds of approximately 85 miles per hour,” the arrest report said. “The suspect exited at Jefferson Boulevard and the pursuit traversed through several city streets at speeds between 35-65 miles per hour.”

The woman eventually made her way to Venice Beach, where she drove through a parking lot, onto the sand and into the ocean. Two Boston terriers were also in the car, the arrest report stated.


After her car packed up, because it sadly couldn’t serve briefly as a boat, the woman attempted to get away from officers by swimming into the sea. She reportedly made it “several hundred yards” before being intercepted by the Coast Guard. The woman was then arrested and taken to hospital for treatment.

While all that was kicking off, animal control had arrived on the scene to save the two dogs. They were rescued and taken into custody by animal control, reports NBC News. The BMW she was driving was also later towed out of the sea.

Now the woman, who has not been identified by authorities, could face charges relating to speeding and evading authorities.

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