Police Hunting Facebook Marketplace Robbery Suspect

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Police Hunting Facebook Marketplace Robbery Suspect
Police Hunting Facebook Marketplace Robbery Suspect

Selling your car online helps you reach a much bigger market than just putting a sign on it and driving around town. However, in that market unfortunately are less-than-honest individuals who are looking for a quick score instead of a solid deal. But DeKalb County Police Department in Georgia says Regi Knight has flipped the script and instead is robbing car shoppers, not sellers.

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Knight’s accused of advertising older vehicles, then robbing people at gunpoint when they meet to look at the ride he’s supposedly selling. That’s a scary situation, even if you’re carrying since the guy would have the drop on you.


Just like in many other areas, DeKalb County Police precinct parking lots are set up for people to meet after making arrangements to buy and sell cars or other products online. With cameras everywhere and police nearby, we recommend meeting in such a place if that’s an option where you live. Retail parking lots are better than at someone’s house, including your own, since they’re at least public.

Police are cautioning everyone in the area to call 911 immediately if they do encounter Knight. He’s considered highly dangerous and we’re sure authorities don’t want anyone trying to play hero since that can go sideways in a hurry.

Too often, people buying and selling not only cars but really anything online let their guard down. That’s obviously a bad idea since criminals use online marketplaces to find victims. Aside from meeting at a police station to do your transaction, you can take other steps to guard against predators. One is if you’re on Facebook Marketplace to take some time and look at the seller or buyer’s profile to see how long it’s been active and if anything looks off. A little care and caution goes a long way.

Image via DeKalb County Police Department

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