This Police PIT Is A Code Brown Moment

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This Police PIT Is A Code Brown Moment
This Police PIT Is A Code Brown Moment

Sometimes you should just wear the brown pants, especially if you’re going to break the law, then lead police on a pursuit. That’s what at least one suspect in this newer Chevy Trailblazer learned the hard way, and you can hear the cry of pain right when an Arkansas trooper PITs the crossover out.

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What started this whole pursuit was the three suspects in the Chevy Trailblazer allegedly cashing a fake check at a local bank. For anyone who’s been wondering how the new Trailblazers might perform in a police chase, since GM has billed them as sporty little crossovers, this video helps satisfy that curiosity.


Interestingly enough, Trooper Baldwin, who’s our camera car in this dashcam footage, starts out behind a column of Russellville officers. But she’s able to quickly get around those officers and take lead on the pursuit, having far better training than the local police.

She also closes the gap with the suspects rapidly, again showing her superior skill behind the wheel. But the suspects don’t just pull over and surrender. Instead, they gun it at a railroad crossing, the suspect driver struggling to keep the Chevy on the road after it goes airborne.

Apparently, the Trailblazer doesn’t handle so well under such conditions.

But Trooper Baldwin keeps her cruiser going straight as an arrow. She must have ice in her veins. That allows her to catch all the way up and prepare for a quick, brutal takedown.

The PIT, performed at over 100 mph and with an oncoming car on the horizon, was done just beautifully. Once again, the ASP cruiser doesn’t wobble even a little. Seriously, hats off to Trooper Baldwin for an artful takedown which spun the Trailblazer onto the shoulder – she sure can drive.

As the PIT was starting, you can hear someone inside the crossover scream out in panic, probably realizing they didn’t put on the brown pants that morning.

Always wear the brown pants.

The final one to emerge from the vehicle looks to be the one who wore white pants instead of brown. Big mistake.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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