Pontiac Firebird: The Legend

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We miss the 'Bird...

The Pontiac Firebird is an American pony car whose legacy for high-performance engine options and striking style will live on in American history for centuries as one of the nation's most significant domestic enthusiast cars. It all started in 1967 as Pontiacs response to the Ford Mustang and the sister car of the Chevrolet Camaro. People were immediately blown away by the powerful Pontiac engine line-up and more luxurious features than the Camaro. Of course, Pontiac was constantly struggling to be GM's performance brand, which helped their case. Not much changed throughout the first generation apart from the addition of the Trans Am package in 1969.

1970 was a very different year for all automotive manufacturers, but the Firebird was significantly affected by the new wants of the American automotive consumer. This time saw a wholly different and sleeker body accompanying the beautiful open grille and large headlight housing. Eventually, Government safety regulations would put the Firebird in an odd state during its development, followed by 1977-1981, which could be considered the most popular design in the Firebird, mainly the Trans Am's history. This was primarily due to the success of "Smokey And The Bandit," which had automotive enthusiasts across the nation ranting and raving about their beloved T/A.