This Poor Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Had Its Headlights Ripped Out Of Its Face

Collage showing a Porsche Taycan with its headlights removed
Collage showing a Porsche Taycan with its headlights removed

I’m always baffled by the lengths that people go to steal parts off of cars. Just look at the now-common thefts of Toyota Prius catalytic converters. Obviously, things like wheels are stolen all the time too. As components of modern cars get even more expensive to fix and replace, thieves are getting more brazen in what they’re taking, as evidenced by this Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo that had its headlights stolen.

These images were posted in the r/Porsche subreddit by Reddit user No_Supermarket9751, who says the thievery happened at night in Dusseldorf, Germany. According to the post, the thieves used tin snips to cut the lovely Mamba Green bodywork apart and remove the lights, which resulted in this horrifying sight. The Taycan’s fenders are made from aluminum, so cutting through them with tin snips wouldn’t be too tough.

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