Porsche 918 Hypercar Engineer Becomes New Bentley Boss

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Porsche 918 Hypercar Engineer Becomes New Bentley Boss
Porsche 918 Hypercar Engineer Becomes New Bentley Boss

Frank-Steffen Walliser, the engineering mastermind behind the Porsche 918 hypercar, has been appointed as the new chairman and CEO of Bentley Motors, effective July 1. Walliser steps into the role following the departure of Adrian Hallmark, who left Bentley to become the CEO of Aston Martin earlier this year.

Walliser brings a wealth of experience to Bentley, having managed Porsche’s 911 and 718 product lines since 2019 and overseeing overall vehicle development from 2022. His career at Porsche began in 1995 after studying mechanical engineering with a focus on combustion engines and technology management. He has since played a pivotal role in various high-profile projects, including the development of the acclaimed Porsche 918 hypercar and heading Porsche's motorsport division from 2014.


Expressing his enthusiasm for the new role, Walliser said, “I am approaching this job with great respect and looking forward to having a team in Crewe that has shown impressive performance over the last few years. The continuing transformation of the automotive industry will be a major task for Bentley as well, a task that I am happy to take on with this team.”

Bentley, which operates under the broader Volkswagen Group umbrella, has shared several platforms and technologies with Porsche. Notable collaborations include the MSB platform, which underpins models like the Porsche Panamera and Bentley’s Continental and Flying Spur.

Gernot Döllner, a member of Volkswagen Group's Board of Management and head of the Brand Group Progressive that includes Bentley, Audi, and Lamborghini, praised Walliser's appointment. “On Bentley’s ongoing path toward becoming the leading provider in the luxury segment, Frank-Steffen Walliser’s many years of experience and knowledge of the luxury segment will be invaluable,” Döllner said.

Bentley is currently on a path to electrification, with plans to unveil its first electric vehicle (EV) by the end of 2026 and transition to an electric-only lineup by 2033. The brand initially aimed for 2030 but has postponed the target due to technical challenges rather than a decline in EV demand.

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