Porsche Brings the 911 GT3 Manthey Performance Kit Stateside at Last

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2023 porsche 911 gt3 manthey kit
At Last! Porsche 911 GT3 Manthey Kit Reaches U.S.Porsche
  • Porsche is making the Manthey Performance kit available for 911 GT3s in the United States.

  • The kit improves performance through a variety of changes to the GT3's aero bits, braking system, suspension, and overall weight of the car.

  • The Manthey kit costs $57,300, but opting for the lightweight forged wheels adds another $15,500.

Porsche is officially bringing a Manthey Performance kit to the Land o' the Free for the first time. The kit has been available in Europe for the better part of a year, but us Yanks have unfortunately been left out—until now, that is. American owners of the 992-generation 911 GT3 can now buy the performance kit developed by Manthey.

On its own, the 911 GT3 is no slouch. Porsche claims it circled the Nürburgring Nordschleife in a touch under seven minutes. A very fast time to be sure—though not quite as fast as the Manthey equipped GT3, which managed to shave 4.19 seconds from the lap, with a time of 6:55.737.

2023 porsche 911 gt3 manthey kit

Those extra seconds don't come free—or even cheap for that matter. Purchase and installation of the kit will run owners a cool $57,300. A set of forged wheels, which reduce unsprung weight by approximately 16 pounds, is available for an additional $15,500 (nearly $1000 per pound).

Hyper-specific track times and reduced weight are one thing, but what else does nearly $60,000 buy? A larger spoiler lip and side flaps are fitted to the front of the car. They pair with modified aero elements underneath and increase downforce at the front axle. The swan-neck wing at the back of the car also grows and now features a Gurney flap to keep the rear end firmly planted on the tarmac.

2023 porsche 911 gt3 manthey kit

With the Manthey kit, the GT3's rear diffuser also gets bigger and now is made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. So are the "aerodiscs" on the rear wheels. The kit adds a four-way-adjustable coil-over suspension developed jointly between Porsche and Manthey. According to Porsche, the new setup increase spring rates by 10 percent on the front axle and 7 percent at the rear. The Manthey kit also adds braided steel brake lines, with the option to add racing brake pads as well. As with the normal GT3, Manthey models can be fitted with 20- or 21-inch forged wheels and can be had on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires.

The kit is available now through Manthey certified Porsche dealerships. As of June 2023, potential customers or general enthusiasts will be able to check out the difference between the standard GT3 and the Manthey equipped car. For $1675, drivers will have the opportunity to compare the two versions at the Porsche Experience Centers in Atlanta or Los Angeles.

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