Porsche Cayenne Coupe review

porsche cayenne e hybrid coupe review 2024 01 cornering front
porsche cayenne e hybrid coupe review 2024 01 cornering front

The Porsche Cayenne Coupé really is one of those cars that appears to be an answer to a question you thought nobody was asking; the definition of a want and not a need.

Which seems quite odd for something that is ostensibly an SUV. Like all manufacturers, however, Porsche is getting ever keener to ensure that no niche goes unfilled. So what we have here, as it says on the tin, is a coupé version of the Cayenne.

A rival for high-end versions of the BMW X6, Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé and Range Rover Velar, the Cayenne Coupé at the very least should inject some dynamism into a class where that's generally lacking.


It does that by being based on the best big SUV of the lot for those of us who love driving. Mechanically, you see, the Coupé is pretty much identical to the standard Cayenne.

That means it has recently received one of the most extensive product upgrades in Porsche's history. There's the usual stuff – new screens, new suspension, more power, more efficiency – plus a change of nomenclature. The S is once again a V8.

All of this is geared towards keeping the Cayenne feeling fresh, because from 2026, it will sit alongside the technically unrelated Cayenne Electric before disappearing entirely as Porsche goes EV-only.