Porsche Confirms Electric Cayenne Will Follow 718 EV Sports Cars

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Porsche Cayenne EV Will Follow 718 EV Sports CarsIllustration by Christian Schulte - Car and Driver
  • Porsche confirmed that an electric version of the Cayenne is on its way in a press conference today.

  • The Cayenne EV will come after the electric 718 sports cars that are due in 2025, and is expected to ride on the PPE platform.

  • An update on the gas-powered Cayenne will be launched this year and will include three plug-in hybrid versions with improved all-electric range.

Porsche laid out its plans for upcoming models at a press conference this morning, but the future vehicles won't take the form of a new sports car. Instead, Porsche's announcement focuses on the continued expansion of its crossover lineup, confirming an electric version of the Cayenne for the first time, which will slot below a new flagship electric SUV that Porsche confirmed last year.

2023 porsche cayenne prototype
The revised gas-powered Cayenne arrives this year.Porsche

A Growing Electric Lineup

No further details were provided on the Cayenne EV, which has been rumored since 2021, but the electric crossover is expected to share the same PPE platform as the upcoming Macan EV. Porsche will, however, continue to offer the Cayenne with an internal combustion engine, with a "new version of the third generation" launching this year. This update will bring three plug-in hybrid models promising increased electric range.


Porsche did provide a few new specifics on the electric flagship SUV. While the automaker had previously said it would use technology developed on the 2021 Mission R concept, Porsche has now announced that it will ride on SSP Sport, a variant of the Volkswagen Group's Scalable Systems Platform. Porsche insists that the EV will have "strong performance" and will be fitted with "automated driving functions."

porsche cayman gt4 eperformance
The Cayman GT4 ePerformance previews the electric 718 sports cars.Porsche

What's Coming for the 718?

Porsche also reaffirmed that deliveries of the electric Macan will commence in 2024, with an electric version of the 718 sports cars coming the following year. At first it will exist in parallel to the gas-powered Boxster and Cayman, but Porsche announced that "in the medium term" it will be exclusively available as an EV.

In a media roundtable, CEO Oliver Blume said that while it will depend on the region and the local regulations, the gas-powered variants have approximately two years left before their demise once the EV is launched, with a similar timeline for the Macan and Cayenne. But, he maintained, the electric 718 "will be a fantastic car in terms of sportiness and in terms of driver experience and in terms of agility."

Lastly, Porsche is doubling down on its Sonderwunsch program, which crafts exclusive one-off vehicles for the brand's luckiest—and wealthiest—clientele. Porsche aims to expand the customization department in the future, so look forward to more unique creations like the 911 Classic Club Coupe or Le Mans-inspired 911 GT3.

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