Porsche Will Offer the 911 Dakar in These Sick Rally-Inspired Liveries

911 dakar liveries
Porsche Will Sell 911 Dakars in Sick LiveriesPorsche

The 911 Dakar looks incredible. While the rally-style Porsche is a well-worn trend, a factory-backed, lifted 992 is admittedly rad. Now we know customer cars will be offered in multiple rally liveries to match the car's off-road chops, direct from the factory.

The first one is called "1971 Rallye." It's inspired by the Polish drivers, Sobiesław Zasada and Marian Bień, who campaigned a 911 in 1971. The team secured fifth place in the 3100-mile rally across Kenya, as part of Porsche's first factory effort. This paint job runs $5260. It's a black-and-white livery, with some simple but sinister graphics:

There's also a livery to celebrate the 1974 East African Safari Rally, where Swedish rally champion Björn Waldegård managed second place in a 911 Carrera 2.7 RS. The Rallye 1974 decal set costs $5260 and looks like this:


Finally, Porsche will offer a Rallye 1978 decal set that's likely to be the most popular option. Waldegård ran another 911 in a rally across Kenya in 1978. The rally itself wasn't Porsche's best—serious damage to the 911 delayed Waldegård, who finished fourth—but the livery mimicked the famous Martini Racing liveries of Porsche race cars. Given how popular that livery is today for 911 builds, we expect this $7510 "Rallye 1978" decal pack will be a popular option:

The prices are steep. But given that the thing starts at $220,000, Dakar customers will likely be happy to pay up. After all, a rally car in silver just doesn't sound right.

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