Porsche’s Rennsport Reunion Featured an All-Star Tractor Race

porsche rennsport reunion 7 tractor race
Porsche'sRennsport Reunion Featured a Tractor RacePorscheRaces / Twitter

Porsche's Rennsport Reunion 7 is underway, bringing 75 years of Porsche's most significant racing cars to Laguna Seca for a celebration of the brand's racing history. That mostly means a week of 917s and 962s flying around the track, but the brand's occasional homecoming is not just for race cars. This year's event also saw a massive gathering of Porsche's tractors, and with the race track already there, why not race them?

Following up the most important event of the 2018 Rennsport Reunion, this year's tractor race featured an All-Star field of current and former Porsche factory drivers. Former F1 driver and IMSA prototype champion Felipe Nasr, GT ace Nick Tandy, and Flying Lizard legends Patrick Long and Jorg Bermeister dotted the field in a race that featured a traditional Le Mans start slow enough for photographers to gather on the side of the course.

Unlike most spec racing, the field was far from equal. One competitor got a "Pink Pig" tribute tractor fitted with a spoiler, giving an obvious advantage in downforce that will surely contribute to cornering potential at the speeds a vintage tractor can reach. Another was burdened with a trailer carrying a payload, presumably some sort of success ballast to counteract years of experience racing tractors at Laguna Seca.

Today marks the final day of the seventh Rennsport Reunion. The brand has been live streaming the event throughout the weekend, a broadcast that will include a second tractor race later today.

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