Possible Tornado Flips 15 Semis, Causes 25-Car Pileup In Michigan

Photo: Ingham County Emergency Management
Photo: Ingham County Emergency Management

If you feel like the weather has been out of control lately, you’re not the only one. Wildfires in Hawaii. A hurricane headed for California. Ridiculously hot temperatures across large parts of the country. Storms knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of houses. It’s all getting to be a bit much. It’s also causing some truly nasty traffic situations.

The latest weather-related bad news comes out of Michigan, where M Live reports that the National Weather Service is investigating whether or not a tornado touched down on Interstate 96 in Ingham County. Whether it did or not, though, the damage is already done. Eighty mile-per-hour winds were reported, along with lightning and hail, flipping 15 tractor-trailers and causing at least one 25-car pileup.

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According to WILX, so far, one person has died, and several more were seriously injured. As the storm crossed the state of Michigan, M Live reports that four other people died either in wrecks or from trees falling on their houses. Additionally, about 375,000 homes and businesses were left without power.

Michigan wasn’t the only state affected by storms last night, either. The Weather Channel reports that Ohio got hit hard, too. In total, about 650,000 homes across both states were still without power as of this morning.

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