Postal Worker Allegedly Races A Ford Mustang

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Postal Worker Allegedly Races A Ford Mustang
Postal Worker Allegedly Races A Ford Mustang

We remember back when postal workers drove vehicles which struggled to get going above 40 mph. Those days are long gone as clearly illustrated by one USPS worker in Cleveland, Ohio who was busted by a deputy while allegedly going 105 mph in a 60 mph zone.

This is why you should move over for cars on the shoulder of the freeway.

During the April 21 traffic stop, the 28-year-old female postal worker told the Sandusky County deputy she had no idea she was going so fast. The deputy expressed suspicion she was trying to race someone in a Mustang.

That Ford pony car apparently was driving slow next to the postal van before it took off, the postal worker flooring it to allegedly try keeping up. Unless it was an EcoBoost there’s no way the van stood even a remote chance, but maybe she didn’t know that.


When the deputy asks in bodycam footage if she knows the driver of the Mustang and suggests perhaps that’s why she was racing the other vehicle, the postal worker denies that’s true.

According to Queen City News, the same postal worker has had her license suspended three times and had four driving convictions in the past. How exactly she got a job for the federal government that requires her to constantly be driving is a question everyone should be asking.

Everyone wants their mail delivered on time, but we doubt that requires blasting down public roads at over 100 mph. After all, if a mail van were to get into a high-speed crash, we’re pretty sure some of the mail would be damaged or lost, not to mention the potential for the loss of human life.

Hopefully this postal worker learns a lesson and lightens her foot.

Image via Queen City News/YouTube

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