This Is Probably the Modified F2 Car Brad Pitt Will Drive in His F1 Movie

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formula 2 car modified f1 movie brad pitt
This Is Probably Brad Pitt's F1 Movie CarJPEG / YouTube

During the Miami Grand Prix weekend, director Joseph Kosinski revealed some plans for the filming of his upcoming Formula 1 movie starring Brad Pitt. During that event, he announced that the team will be filming the stars as they drive a modified Formula 2 car designed to look like an F1 car. Now, thanks to a YouTube video posted late last month, we have a glimpse of what looks like that car.

The video, shared by YouTube account Jpeg, shows just one fly-by on a typically overcast day at Silverstone. While the clip never shows an uninterrupted view of the car in focus, on the fly-by we can see that the car softens many of the sharper edges that make the current Formula 2 racer look relatively outdated. That includes the current Dallara F2 2018's standout "shark" tailfin, which is carved down into the more typical airbox shape of a modern F1 car. The front wing is also different, featuring the simplified elements and sharpened endplates seen on F1 cars since 2022.

The car was designed by Mercedes, and, although it will not actually run on track in race sessions as some believed, the stars of the upcoming film will drive it on track during race weekends throughout events in the 2023 season. The still-untitled film stars Pitt and Snowfall star Damson Idris in a Driven-style plot about an older racer coming out of retirement to compete alongside a rookie. The movie does not yet have a release date.

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