Prolific Washington Car Thief Connected To Dozens Of Cases

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Prolific Washington Car Thief Connected To Dozens Of Cases
Prolific Washington Car Thief Connected To Dozens Of Cases

Investigators in Bremerton, Washington have arrested 27-year-old Charles Douglas Vargo and slapped him with six felonies as well as two gross misdemeanors. But from what it sounds like, they’re preparing many, many more charges for the guy they describe as a “prolific” car thief who’s also helped a murder suspect hide from authorities, among other accused crimes.

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While Vargo sits in Kitsap County Jail with a $500,000 bail, investigators say they’ve connected him to dozens of other cases, including at least 12 stolen vehicles, says Kitsap Sun. While not every car thief is like Vargo, this proves a point we’ve been making for some time: many people who steal cars commit other crimes. Sometimes those crimes are violent or support those who are committing violent crimes.


In a filing done by investigators, they described how Vargo has “wreaked havoc on our communities and created a heavy load for investigators.” It goes on to argue that having the man in custody will allow investigators to “catch up” on most of what he’s done.

It’s possible as investigators keep digging into evidence, Vargo will be connected to even more crimes and so more charges will be filed against him. They also say it’s believed the man’s crime spree has extended into surrounding counties.

One of the stolen car cases from December 2023 is especially disturbing. Deputies found a stolen Camaro and inside were not only pieces of evidence that connected the car with Vargo but also an improvised explosive device.

Other recovered stolen cars has license plates and valuables stolen along with other stolen vehicles, all of them believed to have been taken by Vargo.

Sadly, in some areas prosecutors and/or judges seem to think taking it easy on these repeat offenders is the correct course of action. But this case with Vargo shows how one man can cause absolute chaos if left to his own unchecked, illegal desires.

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