Pursuing Trooper Only Had To Follow This Fleeing Suzuki Motorcycle

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Pursuing Trooper Only Had To Follow This Fleeing Suzuki Motorcycle
Pursuing Trooper Only Had To Follow This Fleeing Suzuki Motorcycle

Plenty of guys, as well as some girls, greatly overestimate their abilities on two wheels. Maybe it’s an ego thing or something else, but a lot of riders we see out in the wild could really benefit from professional instruction. We’re amazed how many of these bad to mediocre riders think they’re so good they can outrun the cops.

Man stands on his motorcycle’s seat while going 104 mph.

That’s what we have with this chase involving a guy on a Suzuki in Little Rock, Arkansas. He decides to give a trooper a run for his money as he speeds past in the opposite direction. Most sport bikes can outpace a police cruiser no problem, even the Chargers and Mustangs.


But Arkansas State Police are well-trained on dealing with scenarios like this. Even if you’re on a quicker, faster vehicle, that’s not the only factor at play in a chase. There’s also the aptitude of the one behind the wheel, or in this case behind the handlebars.

At first it looks hopeless for the trooper as he turns around and gives chase. The pursuit quickly reaches above 140 mph. Some would call his actions into question, saying he stands no chance of catching the suspect and so is putting lives in danger for no reason.

But the biker is also putting lives in danger. Yes, he could wreck out and die, but at these speeds he’s also a deadly missile to all those drivers. We’ve seen people in cars killed in collisions with motorcycles going breakneck speeds.

So the trooper just keeps driving his best while trying to be as safe as possible. He knows many suspects running from law enforcement push the envelope too hard, so all it takes is one big mistake or even a series of smaller ones and he can capitalize on that.

In this case, the Suzuki rider makes several small mistakes, and the trooper catches up. You can see the suspect isn’t very stable on his bike and that’s a foreshadowing of the big mistake about to come up. All the trooper has to do is keep up and the rider takes himself down.

Maybe he should sign up for some riding lessons once he gets out of jail?

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube