Python Keeps Texas Woman From Reaching Her Car

Python Keeps Texas Woman From Reaching Her Car
Python Keeps Texas Woman From Reaching Her Car

Does this count as a robbery or carjacking?

As if it weren’t enough to be on the lookout for 12-year-olds with guns wanting to take your car, now there are 8-foot-long snakes which apparently want in on the action. A woman in Irving, Texas found learned this disturbing development firsthand when she couldn’t reach her car because a python was blocking the way.

Mercedes takes out 30 vehicles in upscale neighborhood.

The Irving Police Department released bodycam footage from officers responding to the call on August 22 in an apartment complex parking lot. Officer Burris, who is apparently the designated “snake whisperer” for the department, easily retrieved the python as it slithered near the front end of a car and an AC unit.

While the woman undoubtedly was terrified, she likely was in zero danger had she climbed into her car. However, it’s a good thing she did call police for assistance, otherwise the python might have gotten away, and later driven to hunger eaten someone’s chihuahua or other pet.


It turns out the snake is someone’s pet and has a name, Ms. Bonnie.

Officer Burris handles the department’s wildlife calls whenever they come in, says the department. He spouts off some interesting facts about pythons in the bodycam footage, recognizing that as a non-indigenous animal it can’t just be let go. We don’t know what his background is that the man’s so comfortable with a variety of animals, but it’s good to see when law enforcement can deftly handle these types of situations.

According to Irving Police Department, this python measures over eight feet, which makes it illegal to own in the city. The snake will be taken to a wildlife rehabilitation sanctuary instead of returned to the owner.