Quad-Turbo Mustang Races Stroker R35 Nissan GT-R

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Quad-Turbo Mustang Races Stroker R35 Nissan GT-R
Quad-Turbo Mustang Races Stroker R35 Nissan GT-R

On its face, a drag race between a 2012 Ford Mustang and a Nissan GT-R R35 doesn’t seem quite fair. After all, the R35 can hook up and shut up a lot of impressive cars, even with the aging platform. But there’s more than meets the eye with these two vehicles.

Harrison Butker sure loves his BMWs.

First of all, the Ford purists aren’t going to like the pony car one bit. It’s been LS swapped, committing the unforgivable sin. But with an engine built by Texas Speed and four turbos in the mix it’s one bad ‘Stang.

The interior has been gutted and replaced with a full roll cage and all the race trimmings, making it far from a street car.


The owner says it’s probably running about 1,100-1,200-horsepower as it sits. But he doesn’t seem to know for sure, so it’s a bit of a wild card. All that power is routed through a 2-speed Powerglide, so it seems pretty legit.

As for the GT-R, it’s not exactly stock, either. They take to mods quite well and this one has been pushed to a mighty 1,500-hp, thanks in part to a 4.1-liter stroker and 64 mm turbos, with all that power routed through a fully-built transmission. He’s replaced just about everything on the car, except for the interior. That’s amazing, but the real question is can the Nissan lay that to the ground efficiently and turn it into a quick gallop?

This is quite the matchup brought to us by Hoonigan’s ongoing This vs That series where they match two different cars, often heavily modified, in a no-prep drag race. With these two, it’s hard to gauge which one will be dominant since both are so far from the stock setup.

One big factor will be the RWD vs AWD battle, something gearheads argue about constantly.

Which do you think will win? Make your prediction, then watch the video and see who comes out on top.

Image via Hoonigan/YouTube