Queen Consort Camilla Takes a Very Modern Approach to This Royal Support Role

When King Charles III ascended to the throne, he made a promise to modernize the monarchy. However, we didn’t expect one of the first changes to come from his wife, Camilla, Queen Consort.

She is updating a position that dates back to the Middle Ages with a title that feels rather antiquated in 2022. Camilla’s five personal assistants will be known as “Queen’s Companions” instead of “ladies-in-waiting.” Buckingham Palace made the announcement on Saturday, via The Washington Post, that Camilla’s support staff will “on occasion accompany” her to official events. “The role of Queen’s Companion will be to support The Queen Consort in some of her key official and State duties, in addition to her Private Secretary/Deputy Private Secretary,” the statement reads.

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The Queen’s Companions will be seen “for the first time at Her Majesty’s Violence Against Women and Girls Reception at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.” The women are close confidants of Camilla in real life, and it’s traditionally been an unpaid role because the positions are filled by wealthy friends who don’t need to work. Royal watchers can expect to see “The Marchioness of Lansdowne (Fiona), Mrs. von Westenholz (Jane), The Hon. Lady Brooke (Katharine), Mrs. Peter Troughton (Sarah), [and] Lady Sarah Keswick” by Camilla’s side at upcoming events.


As for the late Queen Elizabeth’s ladies-in-waiting, they have been assigned a new name, “ladies of the household,” who will now help Charles with dinners and official events at Buckingham Palace. So, there’s definitely some modernization at play with a new king, but the idea still feels slightly outdated because the royal family hasn’t really updated the duties of the palace support roles.

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