R35 GT-R Production Could Finally End In 2025: Report

Photo: Nissan
Photo: Nissan

The R35 Nissan GT-R has been in production for a very long – almost comical – amount of time. It launched all the way back in 2007 when I was in the fourth grade. Since then I’ve graduated elementary, middle and high school, finished a four-year degree in college, started one career, hated it, and have ended up here as my second career. Now, it seems the sun may finally be setting on our beloved R35 GT-R.

2025 will reportedly be the final year for the R35-generation GT-R, and only 1,500 cars will be made – 300 of which will be Nismo models, according to a report from Japanese car magazine Mag X. The short article doesn’t go into detail about where those 1,500 cars will be sold or how allocations will be made for buyers. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if the final model year GT-R isn’t available everywhere since supply is so limited. We also aren’t sure if there will be any cosmetic or mechanical tweaks to the car.

Jalopnik reached out to Nissan for more information on the matter, and a spokesperson declined to comment, saying the automaker doesn’t comment on future product plans.


The 2024 GT-R starts at $121,090 with T-spec and Nismo models starting at $141,090 and $221,090, respectively. I would not be shocked if the final model year vehicles cost even more.

“We have decided to discontinue production because there will be many parts that cannot be manufactured in the future,” Nissan reportedly told dealers.

While the GT-R has been on sale since I was 11 years old, it’s gone through just about as many changes as I have. Its latest facelift came for the 2024 model year. It got some slight tweaks to its looks and aerodynamics, and the Nismo version got a healthy power bump. The standard GT-R’s 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 makes 565 horsepower, and the Nismo’s cracks 600. That’s up a whole lot from the 473 horsepower the original R35 GT-R had. By my estimation, the R35 GT-R has gone through seven different updates and facelifts, and that doesn’t even include when it wasn’t on sale in the U.S. in 2021 and 2022. Our boy has been around for a minute, and Nissan doesn’t want it to get stale.

We can expect to get an official announcement of future R35 plans on March 14, according to Mag X.

If this does end up being the end of the road for the R35 GT-R, then what a journey it has been. You did your job well, my little twin-turbocharged friend.

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