Race Car Driver Killed In Road Rage Incident

Race Car Driver Killed In Road Rage Incident
Race Car Driver Killed In Road Rage Incident

This needs to stop.

There are precious few situations on the road that warrant a violent response from anyone, yet so many people these days seem to feel the opposite is true. In yet another road rage tragedy, 24-year-old Ashlea Albertson of Tony Stewart Racing was killed. These situations are completely avoidable and unnecessary.

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According to IndyStar, Albertson was traveling as a passenger in a vehicle that was travelling northbound I-65 south of Seymour, Indiana on the morning of August 18. It and another car were both accelerating rapidly, the drivers not wanting to let the other pass them for an unknown reason. When the lizard brain takes over and people rage out, little makes sense, which makes road rage tragedies that much sadder.

Police say the other driver started to change lanes and cut off the vehicle Albertson was in, causing her driver to lose control, spin, then collide with the other vehicle. Albertson was thrown free of the vehicle when it rolled. Even though she was airlifted to the hospital, she was declared dead on arrival. This should never have happened.


Both drivers have been tested for impairment, but results haven’t been published. We think anger clouded their judgment. They’re now going to have to grapple with the fact their actions led to the death of a young woman and promising racer. We’re unsure if they’ll face criminal charges, but it does seem quite possible. Since the investigation is still going on, everything is in flux at the moment.

Albertson’s father shared a heartfelt video on his daughter’s Facebook page, expressing his love for her and letting her fans know of her death. We can’t imagine how hard that was to do.

Every time we publish something about road rage we hear from people all over North America about how where they live is the worst when it comes to this topic. We think road rage has become far too common everywhere for likely a variety of reasons and that a lot of people aren’t even honest with themselves that they do it. So instead of pointing the finger at everyone else where you live, take a good long look at your behavior on the road and vow to stop flipping out every time someone does something you don’t like. This needs to stop.