Racing Dodges Trigger Bay Area Chase

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Shocker: they were reported stolen…

Stolen Dodges and police chases have become such a staple in the past few years a lot of people barely bat an eyelash at hearing about such a thing. Sadly, we don’t have video of what sounds like a dramatic pursuit across the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and onto Oakland surface streets because it sounds like a real barn burner. At least we have some photos of the aftermath.

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The whole thing started when California Highway Patrol units from the San Francisco Area spotted two Dodge Chargers and a Dodge Challenger racing each other across the Bay Bridge toward Oakland. We don’t know how fast they were going, but it sounds like they were well above the speed limit.

Instead of pulling over, all three drivers decided to make a run for it. What they didn’t realize was a CHP airplane of all things was in the area and was able to start monitoring the suspects as they fled. We’ve seen a lot helicopters used these types of police chases, but airplanes are a bit unusual although not unheard of.


With air support, the CHP units backed off some with the idea it would de-escalate the situation and hopefully avoid a serious accident. Everyone can debate the merits of tactics like that. All we know is the three Mopar muscle cars crossed the bridge and exited onto surface streets in Oakland, probably hoping they’d lose the cops. But with an eye in the sky they were being tracked the entire time.

CHP coordinated with Oakland Police Department and officers were able to corral all three suspect vehicles. Multiple suspects were arrested and police found stolen catalytic converters inside the cars. Eventually, the Dodges will be returned to their rightful owners.

Images via CHP – San Francisco

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