This Racing Kei Truck May Be Ugly And Uncomfortable, But At Least It's Slow

Screenshot: Gears and Gasoline on YouTube
Screenshot: Gears and Gasoline on YouTube

Attacking The Clock Racing built this ridiculous little Mitsubishi Minicab kei truck into a track car on a lark. If you build race cars and you have an extra car laying around, it’s inevitably going to turn into a race car. Even if it only has a wheel horsepower number you could count to in the time it takes to read this paragraph. It’s a brick-shaped flat-fronted three-cylinder runabout pickup, it was never going to be a fast machine. But it’s fun, and that’s what racing is supposed to be all about. If you aren’t having fun, what’s the point?

Gears and Gasoline, one of the good car channels on YouTube, recently introduced a new series called “Track Tested” in which they employ a semi-professional racing driver to run laps in cool cars at Virginia International Raceway. That’s one of the coolest tracks in the country, and certainly the best on the east coast. This is going to be a good series, so make sure you are subscribed to the channel for future installments. The first episode of this new series is a real banger, starting out strong with a time-attack aero kei truck running deep into the 3-minute range around VIR. Yeah, it’s hella slow.


Honestly, I wish more peoplewould build cars that made me smile. There’s probably a bit too much focus on speed and lap times at time attacks and track days. Are you really having more fun when you’re going that fast, or are you just scaring yourself shitless putting down power you aren’t really prepared to control? I’ll admit, both have their place, but this little Mitsu made me smile way more than any supercharged Corvette ever could.

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