Radical Cup North America racer Mayer Deonarine makes GB4 debut at Oulton Park

Mayer Deonarine, at the tender age of 15, is making waves in the motorsport world as one of the youngest ever drivers in the Radical Cup North America series. With an impressive debut performance where he clinched three podium finishes at Sebring, Deonarine is now eyeing an even bigger challenge – testing his skills in the competitive arena of GB4 racing.

Teaming up with Ryspec, Deonarine is committed to running in the 2024 Radical Cup North America championship, showcasing his skills on tracks across the continent. But his ambitions don’t stop there. He embarked on a new chapter last weekend by making his GB4 debut at the season-opener at Oulton Park, where he joined forces with fellow Canadian racer Callum Baxter at Graham Brunton Racing.

Deonarine is a beneficiary of the Road To Racing Canada programme, a groundbreaking motorsport charity aimed at nurturing young racing talent. Recognizing Mayer’s potential, Road To Racing has awarded him the Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship, providing full funding for his Oulton Park appearance. This opportunity not only supplements his Radical Cup campaign but also opens doors for potential further GB4 events, pending sponsorship and donations.


Deonarine’s journey is not without its challenges. Racing against seasoned veterans like two-time Le Mans starter Chris McMurry has been both a learning experience and a testament to his skill and determination. His progress is documented in the captivating Radical Journey videos, showcasing the highs and lows of his racing career. Watch the Radical Journey series here.

As he gears up for the next challenge, Mayer remains focused on his ultimate goal – clinching the Pro 1340 championship. Currently sitting third in points, his determination to succeed is unwavering. In a recent statement, Deonarine praised the Radical Cup for providing him with invaluable preparation for his GB4 debut and expressed his eagerness to compete at the highest level.

The next four rounds of the Radical Cup North America will coincide with IndyCar events, starting with the race at Barber on April 26-28. This convergence of elite racing series further underscores the caliber of talent and competition Deonarine faces on his journey to the top.

Find out more about the Radical Cup North America Championship here.

Reflecting on his GB4 debut, Mayer Deonarine stands as a shining example of young talent poised to make a significant impact on the international racing scene. With his sights set on victory, Deonarine is ready to take on whatever challenges come his way, fuelled by passion, talent, and an unwavering drive for success.

Story originally appeared on Racer