Ram Truck Drowns At Texas Beach

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Ram Truck Drowns At Texas Beach
Ram Truck Drowns At Texas Beach

We would’ve thought everyone understands taking your big Ram truck out onto the beach near high tide is a horrible idea. Then again, we see people do dumb things with their cars all the time, so we really shouldn’t be surprised by this land whale getting beached in Brazoria County, Texas where everything is bigger.

Crash leaves motorcycle implanted in car’s engine bay.

County officials tapped a volunteer group which does off-road recoveries as well as a towing company to drag the sorry Ram off the beach and to a yard where it sadly now belongs. We just wanted to see the look on the owner’s face when he realized his pickup was about to become one with nature and not in a good way.


At the recovery site, the tow truck driver finds the off-road recovery people really aren’t all that prepared. They’re volunteers, so we’ll cut them some slack, but one doesn’t have a good kinetic recovery option and another seems to have zero idea how his winch works (maybe it’s new?).

Or it might be another guy’s Jeep. Everything seems a bit disorganized, but it all works.

The Jeeps are able to winch the big Ram out of the surf like a walrus emerging from the sea, only maybe not quite as majestic. We shudder to think how much damage has been done to the pickup by that point

What’s really hilarious is the tow truck driver is able to maneuver his much heavier rollback truck over the sand, somehow not get caught in the high tide, and make the extraction with the Ram loaded up.

What this comes down to, kiddies, is skill. So many guys think buying a big truck means they get all kinds of skill through osmosis or some garbage. That isn’t how it works. Driving at the beach requires experience and smarts, two things which were in low supply, obviously.

Image via Towtruck_Dustin/YouTube