Ram Truck Thieves Can’t Clone Key Fob

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Ram Truck Thieves Can’t Clone Key Fob
Ram Truck Thieves Can’t Clone Key Fob

It’s no secret car thieves love to target Mopars. Everyone can argue about specifically why they target Dodges, Rams, and Jeeps but the fact is many theft rings have specialized equipment to clone key fobs or reprogram ignitions on those specific vehicles. Yet a Canadian woman was able to stop thieves dead in their tracks, keeping them from cloning her Ram’s fob with the incident caught on camera.

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The woman and her family had already fallen victim to thieves, losing a different Ram in the middle of the night just under a year ago, says CTV News. Instead of just hoping for the best, something we see a lot of people do, they realized it was necessary to add extra layers of protection to the replacement Ram they bought.


We don’t know exactly what these people did to secure the truck since the report doesn’t detail that out. Quite frankly, it shouldn’t because these theft rings read news stories like this and try to learn how to get around what people are doing to stop them.

What we do know is there are many aftermarket devices designed to enhance a vehicle’s anti-theft measures. Those might be worth investigating if you have something thieves love to take, like a Mopar. Also, it’s worth taking a look at a Faraday cage for your keys when you’re not using your vehicle – it’s a surprisingly cheap solution.

The report lists a few other measures you can take, like investing in good lighting and cameras for your house if you have to park a vehicle outside. They recommend a steering wheel lock, something we think is virtually worthless for a few reasons, but we know a lot of police keep pushing those things. Ultimately, you need to make your vehicle too difficult to steal so thieves move on.

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