Range Rover Insurance Rates Have Skyrocketed In London

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Range Rover Insurance Rates Have Skyrocketed In London
Range Rover Insurance Rates Have Skyrocketed In London

The UK, just like the US, Australia, Canada, and many other Western countries, has been grappling with surging car theft for the past several years. Originally blamed by many media outlets on covid and the economic insecurity lockdowns brought, the newest scapegoat being blamed is the police.

Watch UK police chase a stolen Range Rover in dramatic footage here.

In a recent article about Range Rover insurance rates for London residents skyrocketing to unbelievable amounts, The Telegraph made sure to include the line “as police forces fail to crack down on car thefts” as the cause.

That’s an interesting angle to take instead of blaming the people who are stealing vehicles left and right. And left out of the article is any discussion of police capture rates versus how often car thieves are prosecuted and how aggressively. Just like in many large US cities, we suspect in London many thieves are let go before police can even finish filling out the paperwork for their arrest. That’s not on police.

Blame it on bad policy, treating criminals with kid gloves, automakers not using better security on their vehicles, or having the police round up people because they posted mean things on Facebook instead of concentrating more of car thieves, the fact is insurance rates for Range Rovers in London where cameras are everywhere to fine you for driving and old car now equal what some people pay for the privilege of driving said old vehicle.

Included in The Telegraph article is one woman who has been driving for six years and never made an insurance claim finding the cheapest insurance quote for her Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic to be a shocking £22,515 annually.

According to the report, in Sussex the lowest quote a reporter could get for the same vehicle was just £1,978 a year. This right here is the cost of living in a city where leaders take driving an older car more seriously than people stealing your ride. Sadly, most are missing the point, preferring instead to blame everything on police.

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