Range Rover Repo Is Complete Chaos

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Range Rover Repo Is Complete Chaos
Range Rover Repo Is Complete Chaos

Working as a repo man certainly has its risks. Some people believe you’re lower than dirt, even though they haven’t kept up on payments but seem to have trouble taking responsibility for their actions. And things can get explosive real fast, which we get that and so much more in this video of a Range Rover repossession gone wrong.

Watch a debtor lead the repo man on a high-speed chase.

First off, we love how the video starts with the repo agent on his motorcycle, with a bandana around his hair, all excited to get the SUV he’s been hunting for a while. Anticipation is in the air as he goes home, gets his wife and the tow truck, then head out for what he believes will be an easy scoop and run.


All they have to do is disconnect the boat attached to the hitch and pull the luxury SUV out of its spot on the side of the road. They get the boat disconnected, the Range Rover onto the tow truck’s boom, and strap it down without any problems.

Then the repo man goes to make contact with the debtor and hopefully get vehicle key. That’s where things start to go sideways.

The people, who live in a nice neighborhood and seem to have money for a nice boat, seem to think the whole repossession is a mistake. But the repo agent says he doesn’t have details, only that the bank asked him to pick it up.

Many debtors want to take their frustration out on the person taking “their” vehicle when in fact they should be dealing with the lender. These people really lean into that, so the repo guy says he’ll get into his truck and call the police.

Then he takes off, laughing at the shocked look on the one debtor’s face.

That was a bit of a mistake as tensions escalate and the repo man taunts the debtor even more. It gets to the point the debtor hangs onto the running board of the tow truck as it drives away and the wife begs the repo agent to stop. But he keeps going, obviously acting out of lizard brain rage instead of realizing he’s crossing a line.

Finally, the cops show up and some order is restored. But they’re none too pleased with the repo agent’s antics. One officer even chews the guy out for not notifying the department of the repossession.

Ultimately, the repo man got the Range Rover, but his wife apparently never went out on another job with him. Sad.

Image via RepoNut/YouTube