Rapper Russ’ Home Burglarized, Girlfriend’s Mercedes Stolen

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Rapper Russ’ Home Burglarized, Girlfriend’s Mercedes Stolen
Rapper Russ’ Home Burglarized, Girlfriend’s Mercedes Stolen

Rap superstar Russ had a scary experience recently when his home was burglarized and his girlfriend’s 2020 Mercedes-AMG C-Class was stolen. It’s the kind of thing most people have nightmares about having, but the musician had to live through it.

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Russ, whose real name is Russell Vitale, claims over $75,000 worth of items were taken from his Atlanta-area property early on the morning of November 17. Roswell Police Department said they received a call about the burglary at about 12:51 am, reports 11 Alive.

Apparently, the rapper was alerted to the burglary by his security cameras which detected motion and sent Russ a warning. He looked on the cameras livestream and saw people in his house, then called police.


Once officers arrived they found an exterior door open. Going into the house they found the place had been ransacked with “almost every drawer left open” according to a police report of the incident. Cars in the garage had also been gone through, which is why we counsel people to lock their vehicles at home and not leave keys laying around.

Among the stolen items were five firearms and two Chanel purses. Surveillance footage reportedly shows the suspects wore gloves and brought a backpack and two suitcases to carry stolen items away easily. In other words these likely weren’t amateurs but instead were people who know what they’re doing.

We find it supremely annoying that reports don’t indicate if the Mercedes was a C43 or C63 because that matters a lot in value. Also, we just really want to know if someone cheaped out or went for the more robust AMG option. Instead, everyone seems to be focusing on the designer purses – blah! Just in a pure dollars sense, the car is worth far more.

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