Rapper T-Pain’s Mustang RTR Is 1 Of 1

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This pony has some extra goodies onboard…

Vaughn Gittin Jr. describes the Mustang RTR built for rapper T-Pain as a “grassroots drift car” as if it came from the dealer. That’s an interesting description but not a bad one for this particular pony car, which is a 1 of 1 build from RTR.

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At first glance you might be wondering what the big deal about this Ford is. After all, it looks like a nice, clean Mustang RTR, which you probably have seen. As Gittin Jr. explains it, the car is like an RTR Spec 5 without a supercharger, with coilovers added as well as steering angle kit.


On the underside is a differential set up for drifting, an adjustable rear sway bar, adjustable rear suspension, and other goodies which allow for all kinds of adjustments. That means T-Pain can take this Mustang to a competition and dial in whatever settings he feels are best.

<span>image credit: YouTube</span>
image credit: YouTube

Since this is a drift car, it has a manual handbrake installed, which is tapped into the factory brake system. As Gittin explains, the way they set up the car isn’t like how they’ve done any other.

This isn’t a spec just anyone can get from RTR, but instead is something special they cook up just for T-Pain, showing it helps to know people. RTR even managed to work in a Rick and Morty reference, calling this the C-137.

Usually, we don’t get too worked up over another rap star getting a crazy-spec car like this RTR Mustang, but apparently T-Pain is an amateur drifter, not just someone who tries to look cool rolling down the street. That’s a good thing, because the Mustang RTR Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his crew built for T-Pain should be flogged hard, which is exactly what it was built to handle. That’s much better than celebrities and other elites who buy technical wonders, then let the cars sit in a showroom with marble floors, never firing them up as if they’re just sculptures and not machines.

Check out the video reveal to get all the gritty details of this car.

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